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Offering a complete preventive maintenance contract. We are available 24/7 in a week. Our teams are well trained within their field & expertise.

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​Excellent Company, Professional Services & very reasonable price. Very good team. I stay in Arabian Ranches for last two years since then I am using theirs services. I already recommended to all my friends.

Bath & Kitchen Renovation

Are you looking for a company whose quality services can help you with the kitchen and Bathroom remodeling? If yes, then Sunshine Kitchen and Bath remodeling company are one of the best in Pompano Beach, Florida...


Facing AC Malfunction? Don’t Worry, We Are Here. AC Repair Dubai | AC maintenance Dubai The phase has fled away when AC used to be a status symbol. The royal treatment it acquired in the past was a …


Home Renovation makes sure you to stay at home safely. We have real professionals to carry out your electrical maintenance in Dubai. You also can trust us that we work with you to achieve …


We have very good painters. Basically, they are from Bangladesh & India. They are very experts in their fields. Painting of External Wall of Building’s, Balconies, Parapet Wall (External & Internal), …


Why trust on HomeRenovation for high-quality Masonry Services in Dubai? Home Renovation is noted for its widest and best range of masonry work. We are expert in all types of masonry works. We have …

Water hearter changing

Sometimes a water heater element needs to be replaced. Just because the heating element is no longer working, doesn't mean that you need to purchase a new water heater. The task of replacing a water heater element may seem...


Home Renovation is Carpentry Company in Dubai. We provide all types of carpentry works in Dubai. We offer professional and reliable carpentry services in Dubai. We have expert Dubai carpenters …


By choosing to build green, you aremaking an effort to reduce the burden on the environment and also add value to your home. StrusturePress provides you with the guidance and the tools that are necessary …


Home Renovation is the best Dubai handyman services provider. We provide all kinds of home maintenance, repair and replacement work for residential & commercials. If you have any property …


Offering a complete preventive maintenance contract. We are available 24/7 in a week. Our teams are well trained within their field & expertise. Because of our good quality & available has stood us at good point & we use to offer very friendly & professional services. We always work at the site in safety mode.

  • We Maintain entire Properties to give long life
  • Ensure to saving the  cost of maintenance
  • Increase overall efficiency
  • We take care of our client’s peace of mind
  • Less consumption of electricity.

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