Kitchen Renovation


Some Dubai kitchens are large and spacious, part of a rambling farmhouse that has evolved over the years with one addition after another. But in townhouse apartments or small houses where space is at a premium, you can find spacious country kitchens.

Small kitchen renovation should take into account the whimsical and practical details of a country kitchen while not sacrificing precious space. Here are a few design tips that will help you turn your country kitchen dreams into a little kitchen design reality:

Search for Double Duty Components. An island kitchen that doubles as a wine cabinet or all-in-one countertop device that slices, dices, and mixes everything is both good ideas for a tiny space to make the most. Make a room look bigger. Careful positioning of curtains, a skylight over the room’s middle, and appliance garages that carefully conceal odds and ends are ideal for making space look larger than it is. Forget the traditional.

Do you need a massive refrigerator? Opt for a vintage one that doesn’t take up much space but bursts with character. Use a wall oven that is built into your cabinets and put the range on your island. Opt for flat burners to provide even more usable space when the scale is not in use. Less is better for renovation when it comes to decorating. Fewer distractions for the eye means space feels more open and airy.

Choose your country kitchen decorations with an eye toward those big on charm. Finally, choose soothing colors, such as French white or sky blue. Easy, simple lines and harmonious colors are vital points that can make your small kitchen design a success.

Whether you are planning to make this a do-it-yourself project or planning to use professional kitchen remodelers, these are several practical ways you can make your small kitchen space big on country design. Still, we are best for your kitchen renovation due to quality services.

A beautiful kitchen adds to the essence of a magnificently designed and decorated house. Traditionally, kitchens were only used to prepare meals, but nowadays, kitchens have become the center of most of the social activities taking place in the house. With the increasing importance of the kitchen, it has become essential to remodel and redesign the kitchen. Kitchen renovation Dubai helps to make it more spacious and workable. But, when it comes to small kitchen remodeling, many things should be taken care of.

Types of Kitchen Renovation

There are several variations available in the kitchen layouts.

  • L shaped kitchen
  • U shaped
  • Double L Shaped
  • Corridor layout, Galley
  • G Shaped
  • Island Kitchen 
  • Single Wall Kitchen 

That helps you make the most efficient and small-space friendly use of your workspace. 

So you can choose your kitchen layout from the following basic types depending on your cooking style, the amount of time you spend at each workstation, and the available space.

Amongst all the existing ones, the L shaped layout is quietly proffered and admired by the people. This shape is constituted with two sides united at a single corner perpendicularly and formed a shape like – “L for your kitchen renovation. 

Why did you choose us?

Looking for a company whose quality services can help you renovate the kitchen?  Or if you are considering redesigning your existing kitchen or putting a new kitchen in a new property? Then the planning and design stage of the kitchen by us is of crucial importance. We want to bring in the kitchen on a budget at home renovation, then thinking through the process and finding the right resources is going to be key to success. If you have the right to know-how, luxurious cuisines can be done on a smaller budget.

There’s more to modern kitchens than just cooking food somewhere.

They have become the house’s centerpieces, a place to meet and talk, and a place to create great food to enjoy with friends and family. So now is the time to bring together something different.

There are many ways to design your kitchen, and you can choose something from the design plans or an architect’s design at home renovation. You may not know exactly what you like, but you have an idea of the design and budget you want. It is where you need to prepare a little now and start describing your likes and dislikes. If your kitchen is an odd shape, or especially large or small, you might need to consider some unique design elements. We‘re the best kitchen service provider so contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best way to remodel a kitchen?

 The best way of kitchen remodeling is to make a strategy before doing anything. 

  1. Try an island before you buy it.
  2. Set up your temporary kitchen
  3. Put your old cabinets to use.
  4. Make space for a mini-office.
  5. Leave space for a bigger fridge.
  6. Watch out for floor gaps.
  7. Order your kitchen countertops after the cabinets are in.
  8. Gain precious counter space.
  9. Decorative backsplash rack.

So this is the best way to decide for kitchen renovation.

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

When planning your kitchen design, it’s best to consider your kitchen appliance you need and its desired location. You may then choose to have custom-made cabinets depending on where the appliances are located, depending on your desired configuration. However, you must also determine first, before designing the kitchen layout, whether to have custom-made cabinets or ready-made Ikea cabinets. 

The costliest part of all kitchen renovation is usually the cabinets, which cost up to $15,000 on average. Second are new appliances, which cost around $8,200 on average. The countertops are the next biggest expense part of kitchen remodeling.

How do I hire a contractor for a kitchen remodel?

To add a room, to renovate a basement, or to do some much-needed repairs? It’s important to find a good contractor for your kitchen — it can cost you a home improvement project that has gone wrong. A good ad is not proof that a contractor is doing quality work. Have a look for yourself. Check with friends, neighbors, or colleagues who have done work on improvement, and check the reputation of a contractor on the rating websites that you trust.

 Step 1: Gather a list of contractors. The best way to start is too often to make a personal recommendation.

Step 2: Research reviews & business ratings of contractors.

Step 3: Provide information to each contractor.

Step 4: Interview prospective contractors.

Step 5: Request bids and talk to references.

Step 6: Sign a contract.